The first thought to be thought was the thought itself.

Back when the World was aflame, all action lead to creation.

The first human was born while birthing themselves.

Spring flowered all five senses as proof of existence. 


  Promethean imagination as a catalyst for blurring the distinction between fact and fiction. The half-divine symbol of the courage to dream. Child of love and violence. Son of the effects of the Sun - found body in water. 

  Impossibilities molded into a body, simultaneously the brightest light and the void of the night. There was never a time where actions did not lead to consequences. As creatures that were given the gift of fire, the blessing of warmth - we know desires can cost us our body, never our soul.

  The breath is the word and in times existence is enough resistance. There is a monster at loose that aims to harvest your organs every day little by little, just to keep you alive only growing weaker. The keeper of the flame wants you worn so thin that you won't be able to tell where you end and where the monster who has made it its mission to consume you begin.


  You waste half of your life sleeping if you don't pay attention to your dreams.

  A life where thoughts don't become words is not one worth living.

   Words become action become creation become substance.

   You need to discover enlightenment in bewilderment.