if you are stuck in your body, the best approach

would be to take a hormonal path, count it as intuition

maternal instincts broken down into chemicals. 

the world is never that simple, self-sufficiency in someone else’s body. 


it all begins with an explosion. 

merging of souls - merging of cells.

self-sufficiency in creation after inspiration

the high of postpartum ejaculation. 


after you drink the sugary sweet pink sherbet,

celebrate the nine month imprisonment

with the next forty days recreating it. 

bury those that supported you in a land far away. 


our first trauma our separation from liquid sound

everyday our mother gets further away from us

her embrace is a proof of our separation

existence is the most beautiful prison. 


how a mother treats their child is how a mother will treat their child. 

history repeats itself, the body bleeds itself. 

in lack of temporality there is constancy of pregnancy. 

the moon is a celestial egg, the moon effects our bodies. 


a fetus resorts to cannibalism

most of us have eaten our twin at some point

survival of the fittest only with the support of your spine

even back when a back is bendable, still we cannot escape sin


creatures of eros and violence creating creatures of eros and violence.