It has been so long since I stopped making honesty my mission. I don't even talk to myself anymore. I have my chastity back, I am no longer a whore. 

   For now all that is done around my mouth is to pray is to sing. Only songs written by others. For in time I started becoming afraid of my own creation. Much like Dr. Frankenstein that could not love his reanimated soul, left it to wreck havoc on any town. On any soul. 

   No longer do I talk in images, and the words have long been forgotten. Tucked away in a safe corner in my dreams for it to dream. Good night words. I will wake you up, take you away; one day. When the sun will show their bright face again. But until then. I will speak only with action. No longer yearning, I now am looking for a fight. I want to knock some teeth out, Break you down. Add leftover bones to my collection like a greedy kid at a wedding. The digits I find on the ground will not be enough. I will pickpocket our honorable guests. Take your teeth out while you sleep soundly, tucked away in your bed. Dreams overcoming the reality of memories.